15.3.2022 09:00
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An intermediate report of a joint hydrogen economy study presents the opportunities that transmission infrastructure enables for the future energy system

Fingrid and Gasgrid Finland are completing a study on the potential development paths of the hydrogen economy and are now publishing an intermediate report that summarises the main results of the study so far. Clean hydrogen that can be produced in Finland is one of the key solutions for reducing the use of fossil fuels and achieving climate targets. In the joint project, requirements of energy transmission infrastructure related to hydrogen production and consumption, as well as other effects to the energy system, are studied. The final report of the project will be completed at the end of 2022.

Fingrid and Gasgrid Finland have prepared an intermediate report, which highlights key aspects and preliminary results about the opportunities that electricity and hydrogen transmission infrastructure enable for the future energy system. The hydrogen transmission infrastructure is seen to enable full utilisation of Finland's clean and cost-effective electricity generation potential. The intermediate report also presents draft scenarios, which explore different development alternatives of the hydrogen economy and their impact on the energy system.

The intermediate report also presents views of Finnish companies on the hydrogen economy based on interviews conducted in the last autumn. The companies' views underlined the need to develop electricity and hydrogen infrastructure simultaneously and in a comprehensive manner. Fingrid and Gasgrid Finland see joint planning as important for developing the most cost-effective energy system.

Next, the project will specify the scenarios in more detail and perform preliminary system modelling. In addition, the research project studies and evaluates different hydrogen value chains and development paths and assesses the impact on the development needs of gas, electricity, and a potential hydrogen transmission system. The scenarios will be widely consulted with stakeholders during 2022 to obtain comprehensive feedback. The final report of the project will be completed at the end of 2022, and a joint stakeholder event will be held in connection with the publication.

The project is part of a larger HYGCEL (Hydrogen and Carbon Value Chains in Green Electrification) co-innovation joint action between research organisations and companies. Business Finland has granted support for both Fingrid and Gasgrid’s joint project and the broader joint action.

Intermediate report attached: Energy transmission infrastructure as enabler of hydrogen economy and clean energy system

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