18.6.2021 13:10
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The next steps for Nordic TSO Strategy work: consultation feedback and autumn webinar

The four Nordic TSOs have been working on a Nordic TSO strategy focusing on wind development and sector integration since autumn 2020. After the webinar organised in March 2021, a stakeholder consultation was launched, and it run until 16 April 2021.

The Nordic TSOs would like to thank all the stakeholders for participating in the consultation. The TSOs will duly take into account the views of stakeholders resulting from the consultation and use them when finalising the strategy. Please find attached the summary of the consultation feedback and the Nordic TSOs´ responses to the inputs received.

The Nordic TSOs Energinet, Fingrid, Statnett and Svenska Kraftnät will organise a second webinar to continue the dialogue on the strategy with the stakeholders. The webinar will be held on Friday the 15th of October 2021 at 9–12 am CET. The aim of the webinar is to involve the stakeholders into the preparation of the strategy as the future developments in the chosen areas will affect many sectors of the economy.

The webinar will contain presentations of stakeholders as well as the Nordic TSOs’ newest version of the draft strategy for wind development and sector integration. The strategy will be finalised and published in spring 2022 as part of the Nordic TSOs’ Solutions report 2022.

More information:
Asta Sihvonen-Punkka, Executive Vice President, Fingrid, tel +358 30 395 5235
Niko Korhonen, Specialist, Fingrid, tel. +358 30 395 4139, niko.korhonen(at)fingrid.fi