12.7.2021 12:56
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Refurbishment of Kangasala substation to improve the security of electricity supply in Tampere

Refurbishment of Kangasala substation to improve the security of electricity supply in Tampere

Electricity supply in the Tampere region will be ensured by the refurbishment of the Kangasala substation. The substation contract is the largest of Fingrid’s substation contracts ordered under a single contract so far.

The Kangasala substation is an important main grid hub: several 400 kV and 110 kV ring connections start from the station, and the station is a significant part of the electricity supply of the City of Tampere. The substation was built mainly in the 1980s, but structures dating back to the 1960s are also in use. The refurbishment will involve extensive renewal of the substation. The equipment of the 400 kV switchgear will be replaced and the 110 kV switchgear will be renewed as a gas-insulated switchgear in a new building. The substation’s transformers will be transferred to structures that meet current requirements. 

The substation contract will start in Kangasala next year, with the refurbishment of the substation fully completed in 2024. The substation contract will be implemented by Omexom Finland. The project is Fingrid’s first concrete step for a capacitor package to increase the transmission capacity of the main grid. The substation contract includes the acquisition of 20 kV shunt capacitor fields. In addition, capacitor banks purchased by Fingrid will be installed at the substation. Capacitor banks acquired for Kangasala and several other substations can significantly increase the north-south transmission capacity.

In June, Fingrid reported on a new way to increase transmission capacity quickly and cost-efficiently. You can read more about this in the Fingrid magazine (link): Also read the Fingrid magazine story: New solution for rapidly increasing the electricity transmission capacity >

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