13.9.2021 14:27
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Nordic aFRR capacity market go-live dependent on flow-based external parallel run

On the NBM roadmap, go-live for the Nordic aFRR capacity market (CM) is set for 1 February 2022. Go-live is linked to the implementation of the flow-based method for capacity calculation and dependent on the results from the flow-based (FB) external parallel run. With the current flow-based timeline, go-live in Q1 2022 is not feasible. TSO’s will evaluate the timetable for the go-live of aFRR CM at the end of this year. 

NBM will use the IT platform to establish national aFRR CMs while awaiting a Nordic market. The first national aFRR CM will be established in Norway in Q4 2021. 

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Vesa Vänskä, Fingrid, vesa.vanska[at]fingrid.fi

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