12.2.2021 15:13
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Grid development towards climate neutral Nordics – webinar recording and material available

The four Nordic transmission system operators, Energinet, Fingrid, Statnett and Svenska kraftnät have started the Nordic Grid Development Perspective 2021 (NGDP2021) project during the autumn 2020. A key part of the project is to create a common Nordic scenario, “Climate neutral Nordics”. The companies organized a webinar to present the “Climate neutral Nordics” scenario on 10.2.2021.

Main points from the webinar:

  • “Climate neutral Nordics” scenario presents a path to decarbonized Nordic electricity system.
  • The scenario shows a significant increase in electricity demand in the Nordics: 1/3 increase by 2030 and 2/3 by 2040.
  • Electrification of industry and transportation, and P2X drive the demand growth in the Nordics.
  • The scenario shows large increase in renewable generation: wind and solar
  • Flexibility is needed for efficient operation of the future system.


 A key part of the NGDP2021 project is to ask stakeholder feedback on the “Climate neutral Nordics” scenario. Stakeholder feedback is especially requested for:

  • Is the scenario fit for purpose?
  • Is some essential development missing? Is some development unnecessary?
  • Is some technology emphasized too much? Is some technology emphasized too little?

Any other feedback is also welcomed.

Please send your feedback to: NGDP(at)fingrid.fi by 17.2.2021

The recording of the webinar at Fingrid's YouTube channel >

The materials and presentations attached. 

For more information, please contact:

Janne Seppänen, Expert, Project Manager of NGDP2021, Fingrid

Mikko Heikkilä, Manager, Strategic Grid Planning, Fingrid

e-mail addresses: firstnme.lastname@fingrid.fi