29.9.2021 16:38
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Fingrid’s investments increase the connection capacity and system security of the main grid in the Jyväskylä and Joroinen area

Fingrid, Finland’s transmission system operator, is renewing the 110-kilovolt transmission line between Hämeenlahti in Jyväskylä and Hännilä in Joroinen. The transmission line was built in 1946 and has reached the end of its service life. At the same time, the 110 kV Kauppila substation, which is located on the transmission line, will be modernised to improve its connection capacity. These projects together will enable approximately 200 megawatts of wind power to be connected to the main grid. 

The transmission line that will be renewed is about 100 kilometres in length and travels on wooden towers. It is located in challenging terrain with numerous islands and elevation differences. The transmission line has reached the end of its service life, and the renewal will provide more transmission capacity to the grid while reducing transmission losses.  

In addition to the transmission line, the Kauppila 110 kilovolt substation will be renewed. New substation will be built next to the existing one and it will be a gas insulated switchgear. The renewal of the substation will enable new connections to the main grid. The substation will be built with SF6-free technology, as Fingrid’s long-term goal is to minimise SF6 gas emissions and utilise new technology free from SF6 gas in all its new gas-insulated switchgear.  

The renewal of the Hämeenlahti–Hännilä transmission line and the Kauppila substation are part of Fingrid’s investment plan. The total costs of the projects will amount to nearly EUR 30 million, and they are due for completion in 2023 and 2024. 

Construction is taking place at a brisk pace, as there are lots of old substations and transmission lines that have reached the ends of their service lives and need to be renewed in various parts of Finland. Fingrid’s investments will maintain the system security of the main grid, safeguarding a reliable supply of electricity and a functioning society. Boosting the capacity to connect wind power generators will contribute to Finland’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2035. 


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