16.3.2021 13:58
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Fingrid magazine 1/2021: The energy revolution is increasing collaboration

The first Fingrid customer magazine of the year has been published. The theme for this issue of the Fingrid magazine is collaboration in the energy sector, which is being further boosted by the energy revolution. The magazine is published in print and online in Finnish and English. 

It is essential for different stakeholders to work more closely together as new operators and challenges begin to make their presence felt in national, Nordic and European energy markets, according to the theme article in the magazine. Solutions in the energy sector are increasingly intertwined, and it no longer makes sense to do everything alone. 

“By planning and acting together, we can drive things forwards. It is important for every stakeholder to understand the direction in which the sector is heading and how decisions and solutions will affect each party’s operations,” says Jussi Jyrinsalo, Senior Vice President at Fingrid, in an interview.

Jyrinsalo has also written about collaboration in an editorial for the magazine. In addition, there are interviews with Elina Kivioja from Vattenfall, Katja Virkkunen from Oulu Energy and Juha Hiekkala from Fingrid on the topic of collaboration in the sector.

Some of the other articles in issue 1/2021 of the Fingrid magazine: 

  • Fingrid’s network vision: reaching climate objectives will require significant investments in the main grid. Interview with Mikko Heikkilä and Eveliina Seppälä from Fingrid, Mikko Lepistö from SSAB, and Jouni Pylvänäinen from Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko.
  • The Western Boulevard City will alter Helsinki’s electricity network. Interview with Rikhard Manninen from the City of Helsinki and Markku Hyvärinen from Helen Electricity Network.
  • Wind power seeks a foothold in the balancing power market. Interview with Hanni Sonkeri from Fingrid, Reima Neva from EPV Energy, and Anni Mikkonen from the Finnish Wind Power Association.
  • Probability calculations to assess power sufficiency. Interview with Fingrid specialists Esa Äärynen and Mika Laatikainen.
  • Responsibility and efficiency are the hallmarks of Fingrid’s corporate culture. Interview with Jan Montell, Fingrid’s CFO.
  • Fingrid’s Safety on the lines supplement on the theme of occupational safety is included with this issue.


Fingrid magazine in PDF format >

Safety on the lines 1/2021: The theme for 2021 is “think before you act!”

Safety on the lines magazine is published as a supplement to the Fingrid magazine twice a year. The magazine provides occupational safety information, best practices and information about accidents and hazards that have arisen on Fingrid’s worksites. Among the topics covered in Safety on the lines 1/2021 is this year’s safety theme: “think before you act”. 

“The aim is to turn this mindset into a permanent practice in every type of activity,” writes Timo Kiiveri, Fingrid’s Senior Vice President, Asset Management, in the magazine’s editorial.

Safety on the lines magazine in PDF format >

The articles in both magazines will also be published in Fingrid’s online magazine in the spring.  

Additional information:

Fingrid magazine: Marjut Määttänen, Fingrid, communications, marjut.maattanen[at]fingrid.fi

Safety on the lines: Karri Koskinen, Fingrid, asset management, karri.koskinen[at]fingrid.fi