20.11.2020 15:25
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Significant investment in the Forest Line electricity transmission connection

The 400 kV series capacitor stations in Hoikansalmi and Pihlajaranta will be installed in connection with Fingrid’s Forest Line transmission line. Series capacitors are a cost-effective way to increase the transmission capacity of Finland’s important electricity transmission connection. The investment will help Finland maintain a unified price area for electricity.

The Forest Line transmission line, which will be completed in 2022, will be a significant electricity transmission connection. It will transmit electricity from, for example, wind farms in the north to consumers in the south. With series compensation, it is possible to more than double the transmission capacity of the transmission line. In the case of the Forest Line, the series capacitors will provide approximately 500 megawatts of additional capacity.

Dividing the series compensation into two units enabled higher usability as well as connecting two wind power connection stations to the Forest Line. As wind power production grows strongly in Finland, Fingrid on its part will ensure that clean energy can be transferred to consumers, aiding the government in its goal for a carbon-neutral Finland.

The series capacitors will be located in Hoikansalmi in Kivijärvi and Pihlajaranta in Tyrnävä. The series capacitors are supplied by Siemens Energy Oy. Signed on Friday, 20 November, the value of the contract is approximately EUR 14.5 million. In addition, both stations will undergo separate earthworks. Series capacitors are always designed specifically for the network conditions of their location, which requires more project-specific planning than usual. The design work will begin after the contract has been signed, and the series capacitors will be ready at the same time as the Forest Line.


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