14.10.2020 12:00
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Nordic Grid Development Perspective will investigate future system needs of the Nordic power system

The four Nordic TSOs have started to prepare the Nordic Grid Development Perspective 2021. The report will communicate a Nordic view on the development of the Nordic power system and highlight selected key focus areas: offshore and onshore wind power, North-South power transfer and resource adequacy. NGDP2021 is expected to be delivered end of Q3 2021.

The Nordic countries have set ambitious climate goals and the electricity system is the key infrastructure required to achieve these goals. Currently, the electricity system is undergoing an unprecedented change as the electricity generation structure is rapidly decarbonizing and is simultaneously becoming more variable according to the weather conditions. In order to achieve national CO2 reduction goals, sector coupling (heat, transport, gas and electricity) has emerged as a solution, however, technologies are often at infant stages and their development is hard to predict. Therefore, a common Nordic view on the development of the system is required to understand the needs, characteristics, and interdependencies in the future system.

The NGDP2021 report will communicate this common Nordic view on the development of the future system (common Nordic scenario) and investigate the future system needs. Furthermore, the report will highlight selected key focus areas: offshore/onshore wind, North-South power transfer and resource adequacy in the future system. The bilateral studies presented in NGDP2019 shall also be updated. The Nordic Grid Development Perspective (NGDP) is a report requested by the Nordic Council of Ministers and it is published every second year.

The project has started with the preparation of the common Nordic scenario, “Climate neutral Nordics”, which shows a path to decarbonized Nordic system. The scenario work is expected to be completed in the beginning of 2021. During Q1 2021, the TSOs will organize a joint webinar for the stakeholders regarding the created Nordic scenario and stakeholders will be invited to give comments to the scenario.

After the scenario preparation, the project will continue with analysis of future system needs and investigation of the focus areas and bilateral study updates. The final report and conclusions will be presented in a joint event in Q3 2021.


The previous version of the NGDP report (NGDP2019) can be found here.


For more information, please contact:

Mikko Heikkilä, Manager, Strategic Grid Planning

Janne Seppänen, Expert, Project Manager of NGDP2021


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