11.11.2020 15:42
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Fingrid continues the development of flexibility solutions in OneNet project

Fingrid is participating in a European OneNet flexibility market project, which started in October 2020. The project is a research and innovation project funded by the European Commission (Horizon2020). During the next three years the project consortium develops and tests various flexibility market solutions and the complementary tools, required for electricity network development and operations with flexibility. On the basis of the project, it is essential that a cost-effective and reliable flexibility market is implemented as part of managing the challenges posed by the energy revolution in the electricity system. Participation partially covers Fingrid's development costs and provides a pilot environment in which flexibility solutions can be developed and tested with project partners to suit the needs of Fingrid and Fingrid's customers.

Flexibility market refers to the trading of flexibility from the resources connected to the electricity networks as part of the controlling of the electricity system, for example in terms of frequency, transmission, and voltage management. As stated by the Clean Energy Package (CEP), these flexibility services should be procured with transparent, non-discriminatory, and market-based procedures. Fingrid will further develop the flexibility market solutions already created in the INTERRFACE project, which started in 2019, and will launch development projects aimed at making greater use of flexibility. In the INTERRFACE project (also a Horizon2020 project), Fingrid has focused primarily on development needs near the delivery of electricity, especially from the perspectives of transmission management and balance management. OneNet will continue, but expand this work, considering the procurement of flexibility also for longer-term needs, for example the transition periods of network reinforcements. In the OneNet project, the tasks are related to, for example, flexibility forecasting, visualizations, data exchange, modeling, trading, and settlement. The above-mentioned functionalities are needed when the transmission and distribution networks will increasingly need market-based flexibility to support their electricity system and network infrastructure in the most efficient way possible.

The project will carry out regional studies on flexibility needs and studies on methodological development needs. The aim is then to develop the most potential ideas in the project and to test their functionality in the pilot phase of the project during 2022-23. In addition, during the pilot phase of the project flexibility trading from different marketplaces will be tested.

Fingrid is part of the OneNet project as part of a joint European consortium of ENTSO-E and E.DSO organizations, energy companies and research institutes. Fingrid is working in particular on a demonstration of companies in the Baltic Sea region, which includes transmission and distribution network companies, market operators and service providers. The project has started at EU level and within Fingrid.

For the planning, implementation and method development work required for the pilot periods, Fingrid will use EU funding to recruit a project researcher for the duration of the project, more information on the related recruitment notice. (In Finnish.)

Further information on the OneNet project:

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