21.2.2019 12:54
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Transmission reliability of Fingrid remained high in 2018

The overall reliability of the transmission grid managed by Fingrid remained at an excellent level as a whole and was 99.9999 percent of the transferred energy. The transmission reliability rate was higher than ever.

The volume of electricity not transmitted for consumption due to disturbances was 52 MWh.

The calculated economic damage (KAH) for consumer customers caused by disturbance outages was only EUR 1.5 million. Including damage from high-speed automatic reclosings, the value of the damage was EUR 3.6 million, which is the lowest value for ten years.

Disturbances in Fingrid’s transmission grid caused an average of 12 minutes time with no electricity in connection points. The number of disturbances was 189, and the number of interruptions (≥ 30 s) in connection points averaged 0.12. The number does not include fast automatic reclosings.

The most significant incident that increased the interruption time in connection points was the fire at Fingrid's Olkiluoto substation on July 18, 2018, where the 400 kV current transformer was damaged. Due to the fire and repair work at the substation, the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant units 1 and 2 could not supply electricity to the grid.

The calculated energy not received from power plant production to the national grid was 58.4 GWh. The exceptionally high figure is mostly due to the fire in Olkiluoto and also due to the fire at the Kaltimo 110 kV substation on March 26, 2018. The calculation assumes that the all production without disturbance outages would have remained the same. The calculated economic damage of the energy not received (VOH) was 3.1 M€.

On July 19, 2018, Fingrid warned that the domestic production and imports of electricity would possibly be insufficient to meet electricity consumption. However, the situation of electricity shortage in Finland did not happen.

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