Simojoki substation prepares for the growth in wind power production

Fingrid is building a new substation in the municipality of Simo in Lapland. The project will ensure the connection of the area’s growing wind power production to the main grid.

Wind power production is growing strongly in Finland. This growth is particularly focused on western and northern Finland. In the province of Lapland lies the municipality of Simo, where Fingrid is now building the new Simojoki substation. The construction of hundreds of megawatts of new wind power production is planned in the area, so the new substation is needed to strengthen the grid.

Fingrid Oyj signed a contract on the project’s excavation work with Kreate Oy on Monday 25 November and a contract on the substation with TMV Service Oy on 29 November. The Simojoki substation is scheduled to go live in November or December 2021.

Additional information:
Ville Viita, Project Manager
tel. +358 30 395 4229



The new substation will be implemented as a 110 kV switching station. The project also prepares the substation for the later construction of a 400/110 kV transformer and 400 kV switching station. The substation will be connected to the main grid with a new 110 kV double-circuit tower transmission line. The connection to the new substation will be made from Fingrid’s current Isohaara–Isokangas line. The necessary wind farm connection lines will be drawn to the Simojoki substation at the same time.