26.6.2019 16:12
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Partners for the flexible resource project have been selected

The flexible resource project kicked off this spring by Fingrid, Elering and Kraftnät Åland is progressing. Fingrid has selected 10 partners for the next phase of project preparation. One key selection criterion was the presented investments’ technical potential for the provision of various types of diverse flexible resource services. The names of the selected partners will be announced later in summer.

The aim of the cross-border flexible resources project is to promote the integration of renewable energy into the grid and increase the flexibility of the power system through investments in flexible resources and smart grid solutions.

Fingrid sought partners for preparing the project and received 14 applications from various industrial sectors during the application period that started early May. Despite the short application period, the applications were of high quality, and all proposals demonstrated experience in previous extensive development or pilot projects related to flexible resources.

“The focus of the applications was clearly on various flexible resource solutions that are based on energy stores, but the applications differed significantly in terms of the power and energy capacity and nature of the investments as well as the related services that could potentially be offered to grid companies and end users”, says project leader Tuomas Rauhala, Unit Manager at Fingrid.

Based on the applications, Fingrid has selected 10 partners for the next phase of preparing the flexible resources project. The selected applications shared the key selection criterion which was the presented potential the investments to provide various types of diverse flexible resource services. Another common characteristic of the selected applications was the proposed investments’ impact on the security of supply for electricity end users. The synergy between different project elements resulted in the selection of more applications than anticipated.

Further details on the progress of the project preparation will be published later in summer as the processing of the PCI status application progresses.

Further information about the project:

Unit Manager Tuomas Rauhala, Fingrid, tuomas.rauhala[at]fingrid.fi, tel. +358 40 506 4695

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