30.9.2019 15:13

Fingrid is strengthening the electricity grid in the municipality of Simo to enable wind power to be connected to the power network

The power system is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. The clean power system of the future will require new investments to enable the grid to function optimally. Fingrid’s decision to invest in building the Simojoki substation and related power lines will contribute to connecting wind power to the power system.

The number of wind power projects is increasing at an accelerating pace, particularly on the west coast of Finland and the coastal areas of Lapland and Northern Ostrobothnia. To enable new projects to take place, the grid must be reinforced by new power line connections and connecting substations. As part of this reinforcement, Fingrid has decided to invest in building the new Simojoki 110-kilovolt substation and approximately six kilometres of 110-kilovolt power lines. The power lines will be built from the existing Isohaara–Raasakka line to the new substation.

The location of the new substation is along the existing 400-kilovolt Keminmaa–Pikkarala power line and the 110-kilovolt Taivalkoski–Halmekangas power line. The project will include preparations for enhancing the new substation with 400-kilovolt solutions if such solutions are considered necessary and possible in the future with regard to wind power and the power system.

Procurements began as soon as the investment decision was made, and construction will take place at the end of 2019. The project will be completed in 2021.

Additional information:

Aki Laurila

Manager, Grid Planning

tel. +358 30 395 5135