30.4.2019 12:00
International News

A study about the options for a new connection between Finland and Sweden prepared

Fingrid and Svenska kraftnät have prepared a joint study, which addressed the options for a new HVDC connection between Finland and Sweden to replace the existing Fenno-Skan 1 connection.

The scope of the joint study was based on the questions raised in the previous cross-border study (published 2016) and the fact that by end 2020's FS has been in operation for 40  years. This study has been part of the Nordic Grid Development plan which will be published in June, 2019.

The study was comparing two alternative connections, connected to different Swedish spot market areas. The feasibility and viability of these alternatives were compared in future power market scenarios. The study concludes that the Kvarken connection between spot areas SE2 and FI is more beneficial than the alternative which is located alongside existing Fenno-Skan connection. The benefits of the new connection are increasing significantly during 2030's, depending on the increase in wind capacity.

However, the Kvarken alternative will require more thorough grid studies in order to find the most cost effective connection points to existing power grid. It is also necessary to have a study about the expected life-time of the Fenno-Skan 1. The companies will continue to carry out further studies on these matters.

Further information:

Director Jussi Jyrinsalo, Fingrid, tel. +358 30 395 5118