20.9.2018 13:37
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The government has presented bill for the Datahub Act

Electricity accounting points and their related information for all Finns will be available in a single register

Fingrid is currently building a datahub for electricity market information exchange, which will contain the information of all electricity users in Finland. Construction of the system means a lot of work and a big change for Fingrid and the entire industry, but is expected to provide new opportunities for the electricity market. The government bill submitted today for the Datahub Act will enable the introduction of datahub in April 2021.

On 20 September 2018, the government presented a bill to Parliament on an amendment to the Electricity Market Act and certain other acts related to it. The bill provides regulations for the transfer to a centralised information exchange of electricity retail markets. In order to serve retail suppliers, distribution system operators (DSOs), other providers of energy services and their customers, a centralised information exchange unit, or datahub, is being established.

- At Fingrid, we are satisfied with the bill. The act will give industry actors clear roles and responsibilities for operating within the framework of the law. Under legal obligation, work is now beginning to proceed, says Pasi Aho, Chief Operating Officer of Fingrid Datahub Oy.

Datahub – centralised information will facilitate electricity information management

Datahub is a centralised information exchange system for the electricity retail market, which will store information concerning 3.5 million electricity accounting points in Finland. The system will simplify, speed up and streamline the exchange of information necessary in the electricity retail market. Datahub's information will be used by around 100 electricity suppliers and over 80 distribution system operators serving electricity consumers. In April 2015, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment asked Fingrid to begin implementation of the project. In June 2018, Fingrid Datahub Oy made a decision to purchase from a datahub system supplier. CGI Suomi Oy was the selected supplier.

The project has been prepared in close cooperation with different stakeholders. A centralised information exchange model makes business processes more efficient and allows the development of information exchange in new ways. Rules are simpler and information quality improves. In future, it will be possible to access and use the information for many different purposes.

- Datahub offers a diverse information platform. It is suitable for many applications. I myself am personally looking forward to the diverse range of new services that different parties will in future be able to offer customers through the information on datahub, says Pasi Aho contentedly.

For end customers, datahub will be an invisible background system, because the direct users of the system are, for example, electricity suppliers. End customers will notice datahub as better customer service and possibly new services. If they wish, consumers can access their own electricity consumption information via the Suomi.fi service.

What happens in datahub?

  • Datahub handles the information exchange of the electricity retail market when electricity users change supplier or move to a new address.
  • Datahub handles the correction process for imbalance settlement and balance errors currently made by a DSO.
  • The end customer can authorise other service providers to retrieve his/her own electricity consumption information from datahub, for example in consumption monitoring services. 
  • Datahub will speed up, simplify, improve and streamline the operations of all parties.
  • Datahub business processes ensure that information is transmitted reliably and safely between parties.

This datahub is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYDvYibc5hk

Find out more at our website: https://www.ediel.fi/datahub

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