31.8.2018 10:27
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Fingrid’s open data -platform has improved its user friendliness

Fingrid’s open data platform has improved its usability based on the user feedback received.

Fingrid opened an open data service as the first European transmission system operator in the beginning of 2017.  There are more than hundred different datasets about the Finnish electricity system and the electricity market which is shared in the service for everyone and free of charge. Now the usability of the service has been developed based on the user feedback received.

According to the users, the Application Programming Interface (API) of the service has worked very well. The usability of the manual user interface had room for improvements and it was hoped to be developed. Users of the service were interviewed to specify development needs of the user interface. The most important development targets were the ability to download excel files and to combine multiple data sets to the same file at once. These features are now added to the service. In addition, the descriptions of the data sets have been improved.

Further development of the service will continue on the basis of customer feedback. Kindly send your opinions and suggestions to avoindata@fingrid.fi 

The site can be found at https://data.fingrid.fi/en/

More details:

Antti Aarnio, Fingrid, antti.aarnio[at]fingrid.fi

Heidi Uimonen, Fingrid, heidi.uimonen[at]fingrid.fi