17.12.2018 14:22
Power System

Fingrid changes the Russian cross border tariffs

Fingrid will introduce an hourly ceiling price of 7 €/MWh for the 400 kV cross border tariff from 1.1.2019. An hourly tariff will be calculated as before, but the hourly tariff will be limited to the ceiling price. Otherwise, 400 kV remains as before: tariff coefficient for non-peak hours knoncap will remain as 0,1 and tariff coefficient for peak hours kcap as 0,0.

The tariff for 110 kV connections across Russian border will be reduced to 2,1 €/MWh from 1.2.2019.

Further information:

Risto Lindroos, Fingrid Oyj, tel +358 40 501 9996