12.10.2023 10:24
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Damage to the gas pipeline and data link between Finland and Estonia has no impact on the operation of the electricity system

The Finnish government announced on Tuesday evening 10.10. the progress of the investigation of the damage to the Baltic Connector gas pipeline and the fault observations in the data communication cable between Finland and Estonia. Fingrid reports that the electricity system operation situation is normal and that the damages have no impact on the operation of the electricity system.

The electricity system is monitored continuously as usual. As the operator responsible for Finland’s main grid, we are prepared for various disturbance and emergency situations as part of our normal operations, says Tuomas Rauhala, SVP, Power System Operation at Fingrid.

According to current information, recent events do not affect Fingrid’s previous estimate that electricity adequacy will be stable in the coming winter. According to Gasgrid Finland’s press release, the LNG terminal in Inkoo has the ability and capacity to deliver the gas Finland needs. For electricity adequacy, it is important that electricity production based on gas is available in peak situations of electricity consumption during the winter season.

We are following the situation closely in cooperation with the authorities and updating the estimates as needed.

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