13.10.2022 14:57
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Webinar on the Baltic Sea regional electricity adequacy on 19 October - report published

The TSOs of the Baltic Sea have together analysed adequacy situation of the coming winter and invite stakeholders to participate in the webinar on Wednesday 19.10. 10:00–11:30 am (CEST).

A joint expert group of the TSOs has analysed adequacy situation of the coming winter in order to be jointly prepared. This webinar gives an overview on the resource adequacy situation in the Nordic and Baltic Sea area in the next winter 2022-2023 and the takeaways that TSOs find by preparing the Nordic and Baltic Sea Winter Power Balance 2022-2023. Regional cooperation and coordination plays important role in adequacy analysis and in system operation of possible strained situations.

Registration to the webinar on 50Hertz web-page > After registration, you’ll receive an e-mail with a Teams invitation.

The Nordic and Baltic Winter Power Balance is an annual report addressing electricity adequacy in the region. It's performed by the Nordic, Baltic, Polish and German TSOs.

The Nordic and Baltic Sea region will experience one of the most challenging winters in recent history due to several unfavorable conditions and a lot of uncertainty in the energy market. The region as a whole has positive power balances for both average and cold winters, but the margin is small (1…6%) and uncertainties high. A few changes in the availability of gas, nuclear, hydro and wind generation, could change the balance significantly. Even though the regional balance is positive, the excess is not distributed evenly between the countries, which calls for good coordination between system operators and high availability of the transfer capacities between the bidding zones to deliver the energy to where it is needed the most.

Regardless of the exact situation during peak demand hours it is expected that the electricity prices will be high throughout the winter due to high fuel prices and general uncertainty in the energy market. There are many risk mitigation actions for both short and long term which are being prepared. The TSOs continue to carefully follow the situation as it unfolds and implement the measures as needed.

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Nordic and Baltic Sea Winter Power Balance 2022-2023 report >(pdf) Published 19th Oct