2.12.2022 09:33
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Fingrid to deliver power system equipment to Ukraine

Ukraine has asked European transmission system operators for spare equipment for its power system as Russia is destroying the country’s energy infrastructure. Fingrid has also received a request. Fingrid can help Ukraine, in particular by supplying substation equipment.

European transmission system operators have received a request for support from Ukrainian companies via the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). Ukraine needs power system equipment. Russia has been attacking Ukraine’s electricity grid and power plants, and Ukraine has asked European countries to supply spare material to repair damaged equipment.

The lists of necessary equipment sent via ENTSO-E are very specific, as the devices need to be compatible with the voltage and other parametres of the Ukrainian power grid. Fingrid can deliver substation equipment to Ukraine, including electricity network disconnectors and circuit breakers, current transformers capable of measuring current, and protective relays, which protect the network. The equipment will become available as Fingrid dismantles substations as part of its work to modernise a large number of substations and build entirely new ones. Old substation devices that are still in working order can be sent to Ukraine. Otherwise, they would be recycled.

“Fingrid’s energy security will not be jeopardised because we will keep enough spare equipment and devices to cover equipment failures in Finland,” says Timo Kiiveri, Senior Vice President at Fingrid.

Fingrid is awaiting ENTSO-E’s confirmation that the equipment can be delivered. Some of the equipment to be sent is being taken from old substations. This process may take some time, so the equipment will probably be dispatched in January 2023. More can be sent later on in 2023.

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