15.11.2021 10:59
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Issue 3/2021 of the Fingrid magazine published

Fingrid’s customer magazine has been published. The main theme in issue 3/2021 of the Fingrid magazine is the coordination of operations and market.

The cover of issue 3/2021 of the Fingrid magazine is adorned with the smiling faces of Fingrid employees Marja Eronen and Jani Piipponen, who guided the first project in the Nordic balance management project over the finish line when the single balance model went into production use on 1 November. This issue presents the project and the people who led it.

The editorial in issue 3/2021 of the magazine weighs up the implications of society’s ongoing process of electrification for transmission system operators. It is fair to say that the energy transition will fail, or at least be highly costly for society, if transmission system operators are unable to work very closely together. The situation calls for a willingness to make compromises, advance digitalisation, and investment in cybersecurity.

In the magazine’s editorial, Jukka Ruusunen, Fingrid’s CEO, considers the various roles of transmission system operators. Although the electricity market was opened up some time ago, many transmission system operators seem unsure of their roles in relation to the electricity market.

“Fingrid always endeavours to provide the market with 100% of its transmission capacity. As a gauge of our success from a market perspective, we consider the harm that transmission restrictions would inflict on the electricity market if there were constraints on the free movement of electricity,” he writes.

The other articles in the magazine include:

  • Electrifying, carbon-neutral Finland is an amazing investment
  • Google gets a good thing going around
  • Datahub consolidates information
  • The coronavirus put Fingrid’s preparedness to the test
  • Interviews with Henna Virkkunen MEP and Janne Känkänen from the National Emergency Supply Agency, among others
  • Jarno Limnell’s column on the importance of electricity systems for society
  • Practical question: How does Fingrid locate faults and disturbances in the main grid?


Fingrid magazine is published in print in Finnish and English, and the articles in the magazine are also published in stages in the online magazine at www.fingridlehti.fi/en.

The magazine is also available in PDF format in English >

​​​​​​​Additional information:

Marjut Määttänen, Communications, Fingrid Oyj, marjut.maattanen[at]fingrid.fi