27.5.2020 11:14
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Nordic TSOs: 15 minutes balancing period from 22 May 2023

The steering committee of the NBSC has confirmed the TSO position on timing in the NBM roadmap to implement 15 minutes imbalance settlement period (ISP) in Q2 2023. The agreed derogation period will be until 22 May 2023. Based on this decision Energinet, Fingrid and Svenska kraftnät will as soon as possible send requests for derogation to their national regulators. The go live date of 15 minutes ISP is thus subject to approval by the NRAs. From this date, the market time unit in the intraday and balancing markets will be 15 minutes as well. National implementation plans are included in the requests for derogation. The plans are regarded as realistic, but ambitious.  

As Norway has yet to implement the Electricity Balancing Guideline into national legislation, a formal request for derogation will not be sent by Statnett. However, all plans are aligned on a Nordic level, and the Norwegian regulator is kept informed about the development.

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Janne Heikka, Fingrid, janne.heikka[at]fingrid.fi