19.10.2020 14:16
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Energy Authority has made a decision on Nordic capacity calculation methodology

Energy Authority and other Nordic Regulatory Authorities have made a decision to the common Nordic capacity calculation methodology for day-ahead and intraday time frames.

Capacity allocation and congestion management guideline (CACM GL) oblige transmission system operators (TSOs) to draft a proposal for capacity calculation methodology to be used in the day-ahead and intraday timeframes, which will be used to calculate transmission capacity to the market. Regulatory Authorities approve the capacity calculation methodology before application of the methodology.

Energy Authority has made a decision on 16.10.2020 of the Nordic TSOs’ amendment for capacity calculation methodology. In this decision, Energy Authority added to the Nordic TSOs’ amendment so called final checkpoint. The purpose of this assessment, “the checkpoint”, is to determine whether the approved Flow-based methodology, including the operational implementation of it, is ready for go-live. At the checkpoint, Nordic authorities will evaluate the functionality and efficiency of the methodology based on the TSOs´ evaluation report, stakeholder consultation and the criteria created and observed by Nordic Regulatory Authorities.

More information is found from Energy Authority´s decision.

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