19.12.2018 14:07
Electricity Market

New market information about balancing power

Fingrid is publishing the first electricity market information based on 15-minute periods. The new market information is "Activated power on the balancing power market (MW)".

Along with energy and prices, it’s important to monitor the amount of activated power available on the balancing power market. For example, regulation of 50 megawatt hours can mean 50 megawatts for 1 hour or 200 megawatts for 15 minutes. Power values published for 15-minute periods enable even better evaluation with regard to balancing power market activities and the adequacy of balancing capacity.

The electricity market will begin using a 15-minute trading period more extensively at the end of 2020 when 15-minute imbalance settlement is implemented in the Nordic countries.

Links to the balancing power diagram and open data:

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Activated up-regulation power >

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Further information:

Mikko Heikkilä, Expert, Fingrid Oyj, tel.+358 40 637 4720