15.6.2017 12:55
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inPulse Works Oy will deliver the data conversion service for Fingrid's Datahub

Fingrid Datahub Oy, a company owned by Fingrid Oyj, has selected the IT solution expert and software company inPulse Works Oy to implement the data conversion service for the Finnish Datahub, as well as the related support service.
Datahub is a centralised information exchange system for the electricity retail market to be introduced in 2019, storing information concerning 3.5 million electricity accounting points in Finland. Datahub's information will be used by around 100 electricity suppliers and over 80 distribution system operators serving electricity consumers. Datahub's data conversion refers to the quality assurance of the basic and metering data used in electricity retail and distribution, and the loading of the data from the systems of electricity suppliers and distribution system operators to the new Datahub system before its introduction.
To make sure that information used in Datahub is uniform and in the right format, the data conversion service is implemented before the system is introduced. The service guarantees the quality of the information loaded into the actual Datahub system and provides electricity retail market parties with a portal via which they deliver initial data for inspection and loading into the Datahub system. The data conversion service will generate inspection reports, based on which suppliers and grid companies correct the information in their systems.
Among several good options, inPulse's solution proved to be the best in overall economy thanks to the high degree of completion of the company's solutions and nimble operating model. inPulse Works' technological expertise, knowledge of the industry and customer-orientedness are impressive. Fingrid trusts that inPulse Works is able to deliver an excellent data conversion service for the industry.
The implementation of the data conversion service begins immediately. The aim is to open the service for pilot companies during the autumn, and for the entire industry in April next year.
Further information:
Fingrid Datahub Oy
Fredrik Södö, Expert, Data Migration, tel. +358 30 395 5151
Pasi Aho, Project Manager, Datahub Project, tel. +358 30 395 5262
inPulse Works Oy, Juha Rokkanen, CEO
Executive Vice President, Digital Services, Solteq Oyj, tel. +358 400 560 977