14.12.2017 12:26
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Fingrid magazine 3/2017 has been published

The third Fingrid magazine of this year has been published. The theme in this issue is a strong main grid. A second theme is the Jäätyvä 2017 preparation exercise. The magazine is published in Finnish and English in print and online.

Fingrid’s stakeholder magaine 3/2017 has been published. The theme of this issue is a strong main grid built with smart investments. Fingrid’s Executive Vice President Kari Kuusela was interviewed for the article, and he says that timing is everything when it coming to making investments.

“We want to carefully choose when the grid is updated and avoid over-investments,” he emphasises in the interview.

The cover story deals with preparing for serious disturbance situations and Case Jäätyvä. The Jäätyvä 2017 exercise simulated a situation in which weather conditions in Northern Savonia caused an exceptionally long-lasting disturbance in electricity transmission that paralyses the basic functions of society. Approximately 400 people from different organisations participated in the exercise.

The topics include also for example:

  • The operating environment is changing – Fingrid renews its strategy: Editorial by Jukka Ruusunen, President & CEO.
  • Interim report of the Smart grid working group published: Working together to create a new electricity market.
  • The energy change will only be successful if we involve consumers: A column by Karoliina Auvinen.
  • Alajärvi substation – a key main grid hub – has been renewed. The substation has a distinguished history.
  • Kemira expands in Joutseno and needs more main grid capacity.

The print version of the Fingrid magazine has been mailed to customers. You can subscribe the magazine on our website. The address of the online magazine is www.fingridlehti.fi/en

Further information:

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