7.11.2016 14:00
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Procurement decision about frequency-controlled normal operation and disturbance reserve for 2017 - growing participation in consumption

Fingrid has made a procurement decision about the volume of reserves and the participation of domestic reserve owners in the maintenance of the frequency-controlled reserves of the power system in the yearly market for 2017.
The reserve owners participating in maintenance were selected on the basis of a bidding competition. As a result of the bidding competition, Fingrid will have at its disposal up to 55 MW of frequency-controlled normal operation reserve and 456 MW of frequency-controlled disturbance reserve. The yearly market supply increased over last year and significantly in frequency-controlled normal operation and disturbance reserves, particularly in terms of consumption. Of the volume selected for frequency controlled disturbance reserve, about half is consumption, which is about twice as much at 2016.
Reimbursement payable to reserve owners for maintenance was set in accordance with the bidding competition, and is €13/MWh for frequency-controlled normal operation reserve and €4.70/MWh for frequency-controlled disturbance reserve. In addition to capacity reimbursement, the regulating energy resulting from the activation of frequency-controlled normal operation reserve is compensated for based on the price for regulating power. The total value of the agreements is approximately EUR 17 million.
Every day, reserve owners participating in the yearly market confirm the volume of reserve that they will maintain for the next day. In addition to this, Fingrid also procures reserve through daily procurement from the hourly markets in Finland, the other Nordic countries, Russia and Estonia, so that the total procurement covers the reserve obligations set for Fingrid.
The Nordic transmission system operators have agreed on the volume of reserves that each company maintains. Fingrid’s share of the Nordic frequency-controlled normal operation reserve is about 140 MW, and of the frequency-controlled disturbance reserve, about 260 MW.
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