13.9.2016 15:00
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Fingrid's ELVIS project completed

The transmission grid is constantly being maintained and developed. For asset and operation management, an information system is needed that supports operations at all stages of processes, from long-term planning to daily operations and maintenance.
In 2006, Fingrid launched a project, the aim of which was to build a new information system that supported asset and operation management and was based on product-based solutions. After a long procurement process, in 2012 a solution was decided upon that consisted of eight products.
The products are integrated into each other so that the master data of the grid assets are only located in one application. This new data system that supports asset and operation management goes by the name of ELVIS (an acronym for ELectricity Verkko Information System).
The first parts of the system were introduced in autumn 2013 and the last ones in stages during summer 2016. 
The huge project entity combines the latest ICT technology and the company's information base, changing the company's operating methods. The project has attracted considerable attention all around the world.
Fingrid is introducing the project in the ELVIS Event in Helsinki 13–14 September 2016. The event's participants include transmission system operator representatives from nearly 20 countries.
Find out more about the ELVIS system:
ELVIS pages are here.
Further information: Marcus Stenstrand, Grid Manager, tel. +358 9 395 5172