16.11.2016 14:50
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Fingrid joins UN Global Compact initiative

In November 2016, Fingrid Oyj committed to the United Nations Global Compact initiative. By committing to the principles of the leading voluntary corporate sustainability initiative, Fingrid sends a message about the importance the company places on sustainable business operations. The commitment further strengthens the strategic and operational integration of corporate social responsibility in the company’s operating methods, as well as co-operation with contractual partners in promoting CSR.
On 10th November 2016, Fingrid Oyj was approved as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, a voluntary CSR initiative. The power system is facing major changes, as the efforts to combat climate change are transforming the structure of electricity generation. In a changing and increasingly global operating environment, the sustainability of a transmission system operator’s business practices and its co-operation with stakeholders are crucial. Fingrid’s commitment to the principles of the leading international CSR initiative reflects the importance of these matters and transparency to the company.
Alongside customers, Finnish society as a whole is a priority in Fingrid’s strategy, and corporate social responsibility is a key element in realising the strategy. In recent years, CSR has become a natural driver of the company’s business development. “Looking after ESG, meaning environmental, social and governance matters, is linked in a positive way to the value generated by our operations, while at the same time we secure a reliable supply of electricity for society. Joining the UN Global Compact initiative further reinforces the strategic and operational integration of CSR in our day-to-day work,” stresses CFO Jan Montell, who heads CSR in Fingrid’s Executive Management Group.
The Global Compact principles, which relate to human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption, as well as reporting on these in compliance with a global framework, are familiar to Fingrid. “The principles have already influenced our policies and operating methods, for example, in the CSR requirements we have set for our suppliers,” says Satu Vuorikoski, Fingrid’s Corporate Responsibility Development Manager. “A key impact of the principles is the strong signal given by the company’s Board of Directors and our CEO Jukka Ruusunen about the importance of ensuring the sustainability of operations throughout the value chain. Our operating model stresses working on matters together with our contractual partners, and our goal is to increase confidence in our industry,” says Vuorikoski.
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