8.12.2016 12:30
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Fingrid and Midal made an agreement worth 6.5 million euros for the delivery of nearly 3,000 kilometres of conductors

During summer and autumn, transmission system operator Fingrid arranged a bidding competition for the procurement of conductors used in its transmission line projects. The two-phase procurement process paid special attention to the technical expertise and social responsibility of conductor manufacturers.
Fingrid arranged a bidding competition for the procurement of conductors to be used in transmission line projects in 2017 – 2018. The benefits of a centralised procurement include competitive prices and the high and stable quality of standardised conductors.
In the initial phase of the bidding competition, launched in summer, conductor manufacturers were asked to provide Fingrid with information about their performance and operating method. This included turnover, quality, manufacturing capacity, references, logistics, chemical safety and information related to social responsibility. Several European and Asian conductor manufacturers participated in the competition. Technically competent, socially responsible suppliers with sufficient delivery volume capacity were selected for the second phase.
In the second phase, the conductor manufacturers competed based on the price of their conductors, and  the correctness of the information received in the first phase was verified. Furthermore, the most potential suppliers that had advanced to the second phase were audited, and the fulfilment of the set requirements was verified. The auditing emphasised the suppliers' knowledge of social responsibility, including occupational safety, worktime monitoring and matters related to salaries.
The Turkish Midal Kablo was selected as the supplier. Midal is already familiar to Fingrid, and the TSO's representatives have visited Midal's production plants in connection with earlier deliveries.
The conductor procurement and its option cover nearly 3,000 kilometres of current conductors and earth wires. The total value of the order is around 6.5 million euros, including an option worth 2.7 million euros.
Further information:
Tommi Olsson, Project Manager, Transmission Line Projects, tel. +358 30 395 4151
Keijo Välimaa, Construction Manager, Transmission Line Projects, tel. +358 30 395 5281