7.1.2016 17:25
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Electricity consumption exceeded 15,000 MW for the first time on 7 Jan 2016

According to Fingrid's operational control measurements, the average hourly power of Finnish electricity consumption reached a new record, 15,100 megawatts, on 7 January 2016 around 5-6 pm. 10,800 megawatts of electricity were produced in Finland, and the remaining 4,300 megawatts were imported from neighbouring countries. The adequacy of electricity was not threatened during the peak consumption.
The average hourly power of Finnish electricity consumption first rose to around 14,900 megawatts on Thursday morning 7 January 2016, but this top figure was exceeded in the evening of the same day. Consumption has reached its highest figures this winter due to the very low sub-zero temperatures at the start of the year. Power plants have been operating without significant disturbances. Nearly all available power plants are already in use, but so far, the peak load capacity of 300 megawatts has not started up.

Electricity consumption is estimated to remain high on Friday, as well. The earlier hourly-level electricity consumption record in Finland was 14,900 megawatts in 2011.

The status of the Finnish electricity system can be monitored in real time on Fingrid's website via this link.

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