5.4.2016 15:30
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2016 first Fingrid magazine is out

Cheap electricity - is this good news or bad? Editorial written by Juha Kekkonen, tells us the answer: a market price that consistently remains below production costs is bad news.
In 5.4.2016 published issue:
  • Managing disruptions in HVDC connections
  • In pursuit of a Nordic energy strategy
  • Towards the electricity market model of the future
  • Datahub progresses steadily towards its goal
  • Electricity market challenges on the agenda
  • The birth of a transmission system operator - Fingrid 20 years
  • Welcome to the network code forum
The digital version of the magazine can be found on our Publications page. You can order the printed magazine using the order form.

Further information:
Marjaana Kivioja, Communications Manager, tel. +358 30 395 5267