2.11.2015 11:55
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The latest Fingrid magazine is out

Themes in the magazine include the main grid and system security. In his editorial, Reima Päivinen, Senior Vice President, power system operation, describes how Fingrid carefully monitors changes in the structure of electricity production at home and abroad. We consider how we can ensure that lights will stay on and that industry receives electricity in a reliable manner in the future, as well. A key role is played by close cooperation between parties to find the best solutions.

​2.11. The issue, published 2 November, includes the article 'Common markets are the most effective way to secure the reliability of electricity supply', by Olli Rehn, Minister of Economic Affairs; he tells us that the Finnish government is committed to creating an internal energy market.

 In addition to topics concerning the electricity market, this issue describes how Fingrid has prepared for a possible electricity shortage and fault repair in the main grid, how a new regulatory model stabilises the grid tariff, how back-up generators can participate in demand response, and what the network code RfG is about.
Nature is represented in the articles that deal with the EIA process, nature inventories, grouse and hoar frost. 
We can also read about the latest news concerning investments in the main grid, and about upcoming issues, such as when we should roast our Christmas ham.
The digital version of the magazine can be found on our Publications page. You can order the printed magazine using the order form.

Further information:
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