24.4.2015 07:30
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New prices of balance service as of 1 June 2015

The pricing of balance service will change from the beginning of June 2015. The fees for actual production and consumption will increase from 1 June 2015 as follows:

Fees valid at the moment ​ Fees from 1 June 2015​
Actual production ​ 0,20 €/MWh ​ 0,22 €/MWh​
Actual consumption ​ 0,30 €/MWh ​ 0,33 €/MWh​

The average price increase is 10 %. The other balance service fees will remain unchanged. 

The main reason for the increases are the temperature been above the average early in the year which caused the actual consumption volume to be lower than the consumption forecast predicted. In addition to that, the electricity production forecast for Finland for the present year has been reduced.  For the reasons that were presented earlier, valid fees that we have at the moment aren't enough to cover the forecasted balance service costs for the year 2015.
The reserve costs and balance deviation costs allocated to balance service are covered by means of the fees for actual production and consumption. The reserve costs include the costs of the frequency controlled normal operation reserve and the automatic frequency restoration reserve in full, and 10 % of the costs of the frequency controlled disturbance reserve and fast disturbance reserve. Balance deviation costs includes 50 % of the costs caused by the balance deviation between Finland and the other Nordic countries.
Further information:
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