14.9.2015 11:05
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Fingrid to improve network reliability in Southern Ostrobothnia

Grid network company Fingrid has made an investment decision to expand the Kristinestad substation in Ostrobothnia. The expansion will improve the reliability of the electricity network in Southern Ostrobothnia and allow for hundreds of megawatts of wind power to be connected to the grid.
Electricity produced by wind farms in Southern Ostrobothnia will be transmitted to electricity users via the Kristinestad substation, which is part of Fingrid's grid network, and the local 110 kilovolt network belonging to EPV Alueverkko Oy. EPV Alueverkko Oy operates in Southern Ostrobothnia and the Ostrobothnian regions. Network planning between the two parties resulted in EPV Alueverkko changing how it uses the network in order to allow for the connection of significantly more wind power. The change requires that the Kristinestad substation is expanded, which will also increase the substation's significance as a key electricity network hub.
The decision to construct the Kristinestad substation was made in 2010, and even then the planning comprehensively took into account possible needs to expand the substation. The substation was completed in 2014 and contains an extensive 110 kilovolt switchgear, a restricted 400 kilovolt switchgear and a 400/110 kilovolt transformer which connects the 110 kilovolt distribution network and 400 kilovolt main electricity transmission network.
As a result of the investment decision, the substation in Kristinestad will be expanded. Another 400/110 kilovolt transformer will be added to the substation, and the 400 kilovolt switchgear will be expanded to a duplex switchgear.  The investment will allow for wind power to be connected to the grid in Southern Ostrobothnia and provide electricity consumers in the same area with a reliable connection to the grid. At the same time, the areas of responsibility between network companies will become clearer, use of the network will become easier, and the expansion of the substation will secure high network usability and reliability even in the occurrence of various disturbances or maintenance outages.
Construction work on the investment, which totals approximately 10 million, will begin next year and the project is due for completion in autumn 2017.
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