20.4.2015 15:00
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Fingrid to have a centralised electricity market information exchange solution - Datahub

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy has requested Fingrid Oyj to implement a solution to centralise all information exchange on the electricity markets in a single service. Work commenced on 15.4.2015. ​The centralised information exchange solution, or datahub, will not only make it easier to process measurement data, but will also simplify and speed up customer contract events. It will also help the service to run more smoothly with fewer disruptions. The standardised interface to electricity consumption data promotes the full utilisation of smart networks and meters, as well as new business opportunities.
 "It's good that a centralised solution was chosen for Finland. Denmark and Norway also use the same model. Finland also had strong grounds for selecting a datahub, which is also an unquestionably cost-efficient and safe solution. "It's great that industry players named Fingrid as the natural candidate for implementing and maintaining a datahub," says Project Manager Pasi Aho.
The project was launched on 15.4.2015 after Fingrid received a decision of approval. The implementation of the datahub is expected to last approximately four years. As such, the implementation of the information exchange solution will take place in 2019.
Read a press release from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy here.
Further information is available from:
Project Manager Pasi Aho, tel. 030 395 5262
Retail markets' information exchange is required when dealing with various electricity market business processes. Business processes include imbalance settlement, changes in address of end consumers and changes in seller.
These processes and the information exchange used in them must function seamlessly and effectively from a range of perspectives.

Datahub is a data warehouse for measurement and basic data used by market parties to submit data and by parties to retrieve data they require for their business processes.  As such, datahub is a centralized information exchange model for retail markets.