8.5.2014 09:00
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The need for caution when working in the vicinity of power lines

Grid company Fingrid is reminding farmers to be cautious when working in the vicinity of power lines. Sowing gauze covers must be secured with care and, when working in machinery, care must be taken not to go too near pylons and live cables.

​Great care must be taken with gauze covers used in spring sowing to ensure that they do not fly into the power lines, says Fingrid. If spring planting is covered with gauze, it is advisable to secure it with weights and other attachments, so that it remains in place, even in gusting and strong winds. Gauze flying in the wind might cause, for example, disturbances in power lines.


For safety reasons, gauze stuck in power lines must always be removed by professionals. Even a little moist or dirty gauze conducts electricity so, when touching it, there is a danger of an electric shock. When being removed, the power line must be de-energised. In order to avoid a dangerous situation, any gauze that flies off into a power line must be immediately reported, either to Fingrid or to the local electricity distribution company.
Gauze stays in position in strong winds if it is fastened with sufficiently large weights at each corner and also in the middle of the area covered by the gauze. In the middle area, the weight must be up to 200 kg.
Machinery not too near pylons
Transmission line areas may be cultivated and normal agricultural machinery may work under the line. Care must, however, be observed when working with agricultural machinery close to the pylons.

- Do not drive a tractor between the pylon feet or under a stay, as the distance to structures on the ground should be at least 3 metres, If you are working in a digger, crane or other kind of machine close to a power line, be careful that you do not get too near live cables, warns Mikko Jalonen, Maintenance Management Manager.
If a pylon does get damaged, Fingrid or the local electricity company must be immediately informed.
Further information:
Mikko Jalonen, Maintenance Management Manager, tel. +358 (0)30 395 4176 or +358 (0)40 8270 159