18.6.2014 07:35
Current News, Power System

Fingrid maintains the operational security of the East Bothnia during construction works in the summer

Fingrid's wide scale construction works of the main grid in East Bothnia require this summer many simultaneous outages. The operational security of the grid has to be guaranteed also during these special operational situations.
The situation became more challenging at Vaasa and Kokkola region, when the overhauls of major power units in the area started at the end of May simultaneously with the main grid outages. In order to maintain security of supply in the area also during possible fault cases, Fingrid has agreed to keep production online and to postpone the overhauls with the production unit owners.
Until midsummer there has been production from the power plants for system security a bit less than one million euros, which includes also the production from Fingrid's own Kristiina reserve power plant. The situation will remain similar for weeks and there may be a need of production from the power plants depending on the load in the area and normal production to the market. With these measures the main grid in East Bothnia will be kept within security criteria.
For further questions:
Operational Planning Manager, Timo Kaukonen, +358 30 395 4228