19.12.2014 13:00
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Customer and interest group satisfaction 2014: We thank you for your trust and we will learn from your feedback

A recent survey showed that Fingrid's customer and interest group satisfaction is approaching excellence. On a scale from 4-10 used in Finnish schools, we scored 8.5. Our customers thanked us for our good cooperation and for the sufficient distribution of market information. But there is room for improvement. Fingrid's new customer groups - those using the guarantee of origin and information exchange services - require more information about our operations. There was also some criticism towards congestion in the transmission of electricity between Sweden and Finland, and towards the differences in price that the congestion causes.
Fingrid's key customer and interest groups participated in the survey (the number in brackets shows the customer satisfaction grade awarded by each group):
  • Grid customers (8.5)
  • Balance service customers (8.3)
  • Market operators (8.3)
  • Information exchange service customers (new to the survey) (8.1)
  • Guarantee of origin service customers (new to the survey) (8.4)
  • Authorities and organizations (8.6)
  • Service providers (8.5)
  • Administration service providers (new to the survey) (9.5)
  • ICT (new to the survey) (9.4)

The survey highlighted both positive areas and areas in which there is room for improvement.


  • The price-quality ratio of services and quality of cooperation has improved in grid network services
  • Fingrid's activities have improved from a service provider perspective
  • Customer satisfaction with ICT and administration services is at a good level
  • Balance service customers have reported that operations to promote electricity market functionality have improved, especially with regard to the sufficient distribution of market information

Things to improve on:

  • Fingrid's success concerning operations and personnel was awarded a slightly lower grade than last year
  • Overall awareness of Fingrid is not at a sufficiently good level, especially with regard to new customer groups
  • We must better identify customers' needs and find new solutions to meet those needs
  • There is room for improvement in the promotion of electricity markets and communication relating to electricity markets should be increased
  • Congestion minimization must be made more effective
"Fingrid carries out a customer and interest group satisfaction survey on an annual basis. We have carefully examined all the feedback we received. I'm especially delighted that our customers were pleased with Fingrid's cooperation and with how it is to take care of matters with Fingrid. The majority of our customers would recommend our methods of customer interaction," explains Jussi Jyrinsalo, who is responsible for customer relations at Fingrid.
"Although we saw success in many areas, there is also much to learn. We must be more active in communicating and discussing the causes and consequences of congestion in electricity transmission between Sweden and Finland. We must also be able to explain our work in several European bodies in a more understandable way," continues Jyrinsalo.
Further information about the results is available from: Jussi Jyrinsalo, tel. +358 (0)30 395 5118
The survey data was collected from 6 - 20 November 2014 using an e-mail questionnaire created by IROResearch.  Invitations to participate in the survey were sent to 763 individuals, and 236 responded to the survey, resulting in a response rate of 31.