4.1.2013 14:30
Current News

Trade model and technical conditions being prepared for two-way trade between Finland and Russia

The Finnish TSO Fingrid, the Russian JSC Federal Grid Company of the Unified Energy System, the Russian JSC System Operator of the United Power System and the Russian NP Market Council are preparing trade model and technical conditions for a two-way trade between Finland and Russia. For the time being, commercial flow on the 400 kV interconnectors is only possible from Russia to Finland.
For the purposes of the two-way trade, one of the four HVDC units in Vyborg with the capacity of 350 MW would be used for electricity transmission from Finland to Russia. The two-way trade is anticipated to be possible from the beginning of year 2014, depending notably on the outcome of technical studies and tests on the link and finalization of associated procedures.

For further information:
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