26.6.2013 13:30
Current News

Recognition to Fingrid's asset management

Fingrid received the second well-known recognition for its asset management, the PASS 55 certificate. The first recognition was granted to the company by Lloyd's Register in 2010. In the course of the past three years, Lloyd's Register has conducted several follow-up calls to assess Fingrid's activities.

​This certification was also issued by Lloyd's Register, an international organisation specialising in corporate security and risk management. The actual re-certification process took two weeks and covered all areas of asset management at Fingrid.

Audits were conducted at both Fingrid's office and sites. The final report states that Fingrid's processes and practices mainly comply with the PASS 55 requirements and, consequently, Fingrid receives a new asset management certificate. This  marks a recognition to the grid company's focus on reliable, safe activities and good maintenance of substations and power lines.

However, areas of development were also discovered. Consequently, Fingrid will prepare a clear action plan with a particular focus on the competence of its contractors and the monitoring thereof. In addition, the company is actively searching for new ways to improve its activities. During the re-certification period, Fingrid demonstrated clear development, for example, in the following areas of asset management:

• Online condition monitoring system
• Development of the ELVIS IT system
• Asset condition indeces for transformers and switchgear.

For more information, contact Executive Vice President Kari Kuusela, tel. +358 40 502 7333