25.3.2013 16:00
Electricity Market

Fewer congestions than last year

The year 2013 has started more positively in terms of electricity transmission congestions than 2012 despite a fault in the Fenno-Skan 1 connection between Finland and Sweden. From the beginning of this year, Finland has been of the same price area with northern Sweden or the Stockholm region in 96 per cent of the time, while the figure was 30 per cent in the corresponding period last year. Throughout last year, the area price in Finland was consistent with one of the two above-mentioned areas in Sweden in about 65 per cent of the time.​The situation has been facilitated greatly by the fact that the Nordic hydropower situation has become normal. Moreover, in conjunction with the fault in the Fenno-Skan connection, Fingrid made another decision to postpone the transmission outage on the northern cross-border interconnector to Sweden to a more convenient time in terms of the electricity market.

In the early part of this year, transmission congestions between Finland and Sweden have caused 0.7 million euros of congestion costs in the market.  Last year in the corresponding period, the congestion costs were more than ten times as high, 7.7 million euros.

By law, the income accrued by Fingrid as a result of the congestion costs must be used for upgrading the cross-border electricity transmission capacity. Both received and used congestion income is indicated on Fingrid’s website at: