21.9.2012 15:45
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ENTSO-E R&D Roadmap Public Consultation launched

On 17 September 2012, ENTSO-E launched the public consultation of the draft ENTSO-E R&D Roadmap 2013-2022. The consultation is open for a period of four weeks until 15 October 2012.
The Research and Development (R&D) Roadmap outlines a methodology for achieving the European climate energy objectives defined in the European Union’s (EU) “20-20-20” targets and the European Commission’s Roadmap 2050. It lays the groundwork for the upcoming electricity highways, smart grids and for the change to a low-carbon electricity system.
Stakeholders are invited to provide comments on the strategic TSO R&D activities. This Roadmap has impacts and benefits not only for TSOs but also for society as a whole. Stakeholders are not limited to manufacturers, RES and generation sectors, distribution system operators, but also cover regulators, research institutes and other interested parties. By closely collaborating and sharing R&D investments, the TSOs, partners and key stakeholders will be able to reach their key milestones and maximize results.
All comments on the draft ENTSO-E R&D Roadmap must be submitted via the ENTSO-E web consultation interface by Monday 15 October 2012.
Further information on the procedure to submit comments can be accessed here. All comments will be published when the web-based consultation has ended. ENTSO-E will review each comment and consider how and where improvements to the ENTSO-E R&D Roadmap may be made.
The release of the ENTSO-E R&D Roadmap 2013-2022 is scheduled for December 2012.