2.3.2012 11:30
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ABB to assume responsibility for the operation and maintenance of Forssa reserve power plant

Fingrid Oyj, the Finnish electricity transmission system operator, and ABB Oy have signed an agreement on the operation and maintenance services for Fingrid’s new reserve power plant to be completed in Forssa. The agreement due to be valid until the end of 2014 was signed in Forssa today.
One of Fingrid’s foremost duties is to ensure the system security of the Finnish power system. In order to safeguard system security, Fingrid keeps up fast disturbance reserves, where the reserve power plant to be finalised in Forssa will play a crucial role.
The plant secures the power balance of the power system in the event of disturbances in electricity production facilities or in the transmission grid. When the Forssa plant is completed, Fingrid’s own reserve power capacity will rise from 615 megawatts to 915 megawatts. The Forssa plant will be the largest reserve power plant in Finland.
“With the Forssa plant, Fingrid has revised the service concept of its reserve power plants. Rather than buying separate operation and maintenance services, we have now concluded an agreement with ABB concerning total responsibility for the daily operation of the plant. The agreement is an outcome of strict competitive tendering,” said Fingrid’s President Jukka Ruusunen in the signing ceremony.
The Forssa reserve power plant contains a number of devices supplied by ABB, such as the Symphony automation system developed by ABB specifically for power plant processes, and other systems such as plant electrification.
“For ABB, this agreement is an important sign of trust. The requirements imposed on the maintenance of a reserve power plant are high, and we have put together a solid team of specialists to ensure the starting availability and reliability of the plant,” said ABB’s President Tauno Heinola.
The agreement between Fingrid and ABB covers the daily operation and maintenance of the plant, reporting, preventive maintenance, repairs of faults, remote monitoring of the plant, inspections, area maintenance work, and responsibility for occupational safety at the workplace.
Completed in the autumn
The Forssa reserve power plant will be ready in the early autumn of 2012. Whenever necessary, it can be started from Fingrid’s Power System Control Centre in Helsinki. The total operation of the plant consists of potential use for a real need in the event of disturbances in the power system and of trial operation of each of the two units approximately once a month. In practice, Fingrid’s reserve power plants have been operated for about 10 hours per year.
Further information:
Fingrid: Jukka Ruusunen, President & CEO, tel. +358 (0)40 593 8428
ABB: Tauno Heinola, President, tel. +358 (0)50 332 7889