10.5.2010 00:00
Current News

Fingrid and Elering have launched Intraday trade possibility to Estlink

Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Fingrid and Elering, have rented over 250 MW of Estlink capacity to be used in electricity markets. The capacity rented by the TSOs is offered to Nordic power exchange's Elspot trade in the first place.

After Elspot trades have been cleared, the capacity available is offered for intraday trade. This enables intraday trade in the connection already before Nord Pool Spot opens Elbas trade between Finland and Estonia. Intraday trade is accessible on equal terms for all market participants. Before trading can be started, the market party operating in Finland has to consummate an intraday transfer agreement with Fingrid. The party operating in Estonia will then consummate an equivalent agreement with Elering.

Capacity reservation time begins after Elspot trades have been cleared at 17h00 and ends one hour prior to delivery hour. The TSOs accept capacity requests within the limits of the available capacity in the order the requests have arrived, and they assure the transmission service in a way they do in case of Elbas trade. In imbalance settlement the trades are handled as fixed trades between the parties.