Commission acts against non-compliance of electricity market rules

EU Commission initiated a pre-infringement process against 25 Member States due to possible non-compliance of Regulation on cross-border exchange of electricity. The findings are mainly based on the compliance reports of ERGEG, the regulators' association.The complaints received by Finland relate mainly to actions of the authorities but also partly to those of Fingrid:

- Plan of calculating total transmission capacities: Fingrid has submitted the required material to the regulator EMV but the latter has not completed the process yet
- Monthly and yearly forecasts of electricity demand: This was earlier not regarded as relevant for Nordic market but the regulators of the region later decided that the data should be published from the start of 2009 onwards
- Common congestion management method and calculation of capacities between Nordic countries and Germany/Poland: Not directly at Finland's responsibility. Towards Germany, a market coupling arrangement is under preparation and will fulfill the regulation. The limited functioning of Polish market has prevented introduction of a more market-based method for the cable capacity allocation between Sweden and Poland.
- Lack of history data: All time series published by Fingrid include data of at least two years back. Commission's remark may relate to data of intraday data (Elbas).

Relevant ministries and EMV have started the preparation of the reply.