The TSOs are founding a new European association for the co-operation

The CEOs of the Transmission System Operators (TSOs) signed on 27 June 2008 in Prague a Declaration of Intent (DoI) to create a new association, the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E), before the end of 2008. The DoI was signed by representatives of 36 TSO companies from 31 countries.

ENTSO-E, while being an association for the TSO co-operation and representing the common interests of the TSOs, will also be a TSO-body in accordance with the principles set out by the EU in the Third Legislative Package of the Internal Energy Market. ENTSO-E aims at enhancing the integration of the European electricity market and reliable operation of the European power transmission system. The development of common technical and market-related network codes is the key task of the association.

In the autumn, the TSOs will have discussions with the stakeholders regarding the processes and positions of ENTSO-E.

The CEOs of the TSO companies agreed to propose that the activities of the current TSO associations, including the Nordic Nordel, will be transferred to the new association within 6 months after establishment of the new body and the respective associations will be wound up.

The common release of the TSOs can be downloaded at ETSO's website www.etso-net.org.   Further information
Juha Kekkonen Executive Vice President  +358 30 395 5120, +358 40 560 5274