15.2.2008 10:00
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Fingrid Group's annual review and financial statements 2007

Total electricity consumption in Finland in 2007 amounted to 90.3 terawatt hours (90 TWh in 2006), of which Fingrid transmitted 68.4 terawatt hours in its grid. Electricity consumption increased by 0.3 per cent on the previous year.
Revenue of the Fingrid Group in 2007 was 335 million euros (351 million euros in 2006).
The operating profit of the group was 91 (80) million euros, which contains 12 (-18) million euros of positive change in the fair value of electricity derivatives. Operating profit excluding the change in the fair value of electricity derivates was 79 (98) million euros.The Group's profit for the year was 42 (38) million euros.
The return on investment was 7.3 (6.4) per cent and the return on equity 10.3 (10.4) per cent. The equity ratio was 27.5 (25.5) per cent at the end of the review period.
The Group’s gross capital expenditure in 2007 was 79 million euros (70 million euros).
There has been no material events or changes in Fingrid´s business or financial situation after the closing of the final year. The financial result for the current year is expected to decrease somewhat on the previous year as a result of increased expenses. The grid tariff was raised by 4.5 per cent at the beginning of 2008.
These financial statements have been audited. Annual review and financial statements are attached.
Additional information:
Jukka Ruusunen, President and Chief Executive Officer, tel. +358 30 395 5140 or +358 40 593 8428
Tom Pippingsköld, Chief Financial Officer, tel. + 358 30 395 5157 or +358 40 519 5041