20.6.2007 00:00
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Nordel Annual Meeting traced the strategic goals for the future

Nordel traced its strategic goals for the further facilitation of electricity markets in the Annual Meeting last week. The goal is to facilitate the Nordic and European electricity market and to strengthen the co-operation of the Transmission System Operators, TSOs.

- Even though Nordel's work in facilitating the Nordic electricity market has been successful in many respects, there is still room for further development, stated Jukka Ruusunen, President of Nordel, in the Annual Meeting. 

The objective is to establish the market integration with the Benelux-countries, France and Germany according to the Nordic model by the firs half of 2009. The ongoing Nordic grid investment package of one billion euros will partly promote the market coupling and reduce the congestions in the Nordic transmission grid and the risks of the market players. The Nordic TSOs invest also in common IT-systems to ensure simultaneous access to real time information in all control centres.

-  Nordel's other strategic goals include strengthening of the co-operation in the grid planning and in the daily operations both internally and with the neighbouring TSOs outside Nordel. In addition, our goal is to improve the market transparency, Ruusunen summarized the goals.

Nordel Annual Meeting was held on 14-15 June in Snekkersten in Denmark. Release from Nordel, the Annual Report and Statistics, the presentations in the Annual Meeting incl.

Nordel's strategy presentation as well as the power and energy balances for year 2010/11 are available at Nordel's website www.nordel.org.